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LG Lineup Explained: The Best LG Monitors You Can Buy

Hands-on comparison of all the latest LG monitors and Monitor Lineup explanation. The Best LG Monitors You Can Buy.

We take a look at some of the most popular LG monitors and analyze their series in anticipation for their 2020 models.

LG has three main series of monitors that they bring to market. The UltraGear monitors are more gaming oriented, featuring higher refresh rates and lower input lags. UltraFine LG monitors have higher color accuracy and a focus on more creative professionals. The UltraWide are self-explanatory, being that they are the ultrawide monitors for professional or office use. There is a lot of overlap between the three series, so it's possible to get an UltraWide that is also a gaming monitor or a monitor for good color accuracy.

LG UltraFine 4k

LG 32UL950-W

LG 49WL95C-W

LG 34WK95U-W

LG 27GL850-B

LG 27GL83A-B

LG 27GL650F-B

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Lineup Naming Conventions
01:37 UltraFine Overview
02:20 UltraWide Overview
03:09 UltraGear Overview
04:19 Overall
04:52 Conclusion

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Rtings.com : 00:44 Lineup Naming Conventions
01:37 UltraFine Overview
02:20 UltraWide Overview
03:09 UltraGear Overview
04:19 Overall
04:52 Conclusion
Twistedstance : Brilliant, thank you for this.
Samuel Febres : What is the M series? As in 24ML44B-B
Vladimir Golev : Unfortunately, there is no 4k monitor on the market with 120+ hz and gsync.. No work + sone gaming option. I hoped to see new models this year, as new consoles with solid 4k are coming, and new gpus also expected to be solid in 4k, however, no good monitors to work and play with a comfort ..
xDimitricx : that was really good and if i may say, pleasant. thank you!
smart50n : Confusing
Collin Walker : Finally, something that explained these. Very helpful, thanks
Traian Ivanescu : Finally. An explanation of the models' names. I looked for this information a lot on the internet. Thank you so much for your help.
Tyler Leyden : What's your starting pay rate?
Personal : Can you explain LG 27BL65U-W model, and do you think it is worth to buy, thank you!

LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review

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LG’s claim that their new UltraGear lineup of gaming monitors sport 1ms pixel response time is pretty alluring, especially since they already have high refresh rate (144Hz), Adaptive-Sync variable refresh rate, and Nano Cell accurate colors! Check it out here:

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Himanshu Dhami : Corona?
J. Lietka : Great review! Is there a freesync version, 30" or bigger? Thanks $500?! Too high for me!
Emman HGL : Me watching in 2020 when he says corona
Meghdeep Chakraborty : Bro i am confused between LG 27 GL650F and LG 27MP89HM. Is buying 27inch monitor with 1080p a good option considering quality and pixel density. Or should I go for 24inch 1080p ips. Please suggest. My budget is 20-22k (300-400$) approx. I am getting the former model at 300$ and latter at 250$ in Amazon India. I do casual gaming but high photo editing and productivity. I have 1660 super amp GPU. Love from India.
3_Kids_One_ Shot : Anyone have any good results using this on the PS4 pro? I know it’s overkill but I’m looking for an upgrade for a great monitor
dr. whet farts : 6:25 - Still? When it's LCD, it will always be like that. Backlight sucks.
Vishw Gotmare : what about 27GN750-B ,pleas make video on it
Some Tacos : Gud Review
wrath157 : man your explanation is dope .

34 INCH LG Monitor Setup!

Thank you for watching!

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23 373
Derrick Cotten : Can you do a review of the “little knife”?
miloussoukr Chosse : This monitor is great for gaming especially RPG FPS and MOBA. It provides more content of game. It also great for office work✨>JustU.Faith/LG34?湾 I can open two or three pages at the same time, listing them vertically to fill the screen. Super convenient. Color of the screen is sharp and accurate. There is no leaking light from borders.
ATK BIG23 : Please answer do you have Instagram or something so basically I set it up to my pc and it says power saving mode and no signal and I don’t know why
Ell Jenn : Do you know if you can use a monitor arm on this monitor? Thanks :)
shabeeb ck : can i use it with macbook Air 13 inch laptop ?
Alex Vasilkovski : Ur underrated... I subbed
RandomDogeee : first thing to do, grab a ‘’’little’’’ knife
pesto12601 : Why do so many Youtubers always start a video with "What is Up.... "? Kinda like saying ummm...




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