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Life in Manila Slums! Don't Come here! TOO DANGEROUS?

#manilaslums #manilavlog #manilaphilippines
Slums are traditionally described as dense urban settlements, usually displaying characteristics such as crowded and compact housing units, informal delivery of utilities, and unofficial recognition by local government. In the Philippines, residents of slum areas are commonly referred to as "squatters" and have historically been subject to relocation or forced demolition. With a steadily growing metropolitan area, Metro Manila is subject to a densifying population of slum dwellers—a 2014 article states that Manila has an estimated 4 million people living in slums
Real Black Box : Just wanted to explain the title of the video, even though I would suggest watch the video and not just read the title, but when I said to locals I wanted to go to Tondo, they said don’t go there it’s dangerous. But I ignored them I decided to go visit and see for myself. So I did and realised it’s not dangerous and the people are very friendly and welcoming, I also made other videos about Philippines specially around Food. Just to clarify Don’t come here, meaning it’s not for tourists and tourism and too dangerous?. It is a question and not a statement so I just asked you to comment if you think it’s too dangerous, cause I was told it is but I don’t think so. I do think corruption is the cause of this and I hope people can have better conditions to live in as they deserve better.
Andrea Allen : There leader is a bitch to let people live this way.
M E M E R S XD : I was just scrolling on yt then I accidentally tap this and now I'm touched❤️
Carlos castro : No cellphones no tablets just happy kids
gielo gnoraps : Wow amezzing American vlogs in Philippines..I like your idea vlogers here Manila ♥️
Nanang Setiawan : Wow bobo country
Kevin Brown : Too many WOW
Too many AMAZING
Too many NICE
Joelma Marilia mauricio ribeiro : Equa infelismemte nao consigo entender oque voce ta falando mas que lugar nojento
Ketely Pajusalu : angorytom
Susu Kumuta Japan : when the children says "hello" to the camera as they wave hands and smile. Wow that's how happy they are!

Walking Through the Streets of Manila, Philippines

Exploring some interesting backstreets near the airport in Manila, capital of the Philippines.
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Walking Through the Streets of Manila, Philippines
ky ardians : Wow so amazing love from Malaysia
Lemon Holmes : I really enjoyed the video
The peoples are so nice
The air looks fresh ✌
Alex Neupane : I noticed u wore visit nepal t shirt
OMGreens Express : despite the many poor people, philippines has one of the lowest suicide rates in the world.just look at how those children are and adults always smiling as long as you show a happy face to them
Meagan Anterola : The jeepneys were left behind from WW2 dude. Great video by the way.
Batang Gapo : how about hide your camera next time, and let us see , how it will happen, just curious.
Elizabeth Del castillo : Dude there was a taxi scam here that time where they make you pay thousands of pesos if you came from the airport

And the thing is Filipino people always have the mindset: “Foreigners are rich” so if they some white or black guy or gal they’d be like: “mayaman to!” (This person is rich!) so they block the thing that we call a “metro” which is basically like a running fare meter they block it with some kind of a green similar colored as the screen sticker and they tell you to pay ludicrous money also since tourists don’t know what the public transpos are here so they will basically just accept it and ride to their hotel

I am so sorry that you kind of experienced that but atleast you said no....

Also when you told us about the 9 years ago trip, you were lucky you did not go to Tacloban, Leyte last November, 7 or 8 2013 because to be honest you would have died or something horrible would have happened to you because Super typhoon Yolanda (Internationally called Haiyan) basically erased the province from the map the wind speed was so high that storm surges reached 4 to 5 meters at the time.... basically reaching the second floor of buildings but nonetheless after the tragedy happened Tacloban is recovering until now...
Mark De Lemos : Dude is annoying storyteller
chino dela cruz : I think you get scam from taxi sorry bad English
Janick Rei : if this is video about Manila et al, why do we have to look at your face 40% of the duration of this video? Bye



To see the real face of our country Philippines as we continue to clean the entire Manila.
Everyday battle on the streets of our Government.

Dongstv showing you the real battle on the ground of Manila.

Ka OFW and KABAYAN after the operation we can do shout out to all our kababayans watching around the world. Simply comment your name to the comment section of our video. Leave some suggestion for me to enhance my passion doing this showing you the real situations of our country
Jonyper Molejon : Thanks Dong...Keep up!
Babycita Delos Reyes : Yan mga sasakyan yan mga owner walang diciplina makikita mo kung ano ang character nila.
Cora Hanselman : Give them all tickets!! If they are park illegally with or without drivers inside, tikitan!! Ang in charge ng clamping dapat mag desision siyang walang patawad miski May driver inside. Bawal is bawal ano ba ang mahirap hintindiin sa bawal?
NIKKI GARCIA : magkano kaya binayad kay mang sikyo at super bantay sya sa kotse ni frontliner... tsk tsk tsk
Daniel Garcia : 9:35 nasa sogo yung driver nyan..para di halata..lagot ngayon kay misis dahil bakit nagclamp sa adriatico haha
joel pelayo : Dpat ticketan ung driver kahit nkasakay kasi bwal nga magpark dba.hindi kasi madadala mga yan...
v0iceradi0 : Hehe madali lang mag print ng.... “MEDICAL FRONTLINER” sign.
Editha Johnson : This people seems like they are playing with you guys, and when they see they MTPB they take off, if it is me yoi all should take their license plate number and give them ticket, the moment his license plate you all shoild know their name and address, people are so hard headed and annoying to the bone.
Willie Racsid Gapo : Hello po, tanong lang po kung ano ibig sabihin ng ibang mga kulay na pintura sa mga curbside ng pilipinas, meron po kasi ako nakikita sa mga video na yellow , white or blue and then “No Parking” po sila , bakit hindi na lang po pinturahan ng “Red” ang lahat ng No parking curbside tulad dito sa America. Dito po eto ang mga sample. Red - No Parking allowed. Yellow - Loading and Unloading Only by commercial vehicles or trucks, Blue - Handicap citizens parking only , White - Passengers loading and unloading only with a driver on drivers seat at all times. Just curious lang po. Take care
Edith C : Porket front liners ka excerpted sa law?




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