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is the HSBC Direct Savings Bank Account a Scam 2.30% APY

HSBC bank is making a move to compete with online banks by offering a Direct Savings Account with rates of 2.30%. While Chase still has a .15% Savings

What HSBC direct Savings account: It’s a High yield savings account that allows people to get access to one the highest yields 2.30% No fees and only a $1 minimum.

My concern
That it’s a bait and switch they offer you this account and force you to get a low-class checking with no real benefits. And a year from now just lower the rates. For example, you might get 2.30 yes but then the maintenance fees on the checkings and all the fees that come with the account. No free atms and everything else.

Pros of HSBC Savings: Nothing is Special or extraordinary it’s a let down to be house
- High Yield
- Low deposit
- 24/7 customer service
- Fdic insured
Cons of the HSBC Savings:
- It has fees
- Few branches and ATMs ( 395 atms)
- Online only to open this account ( which not a Big Deal)
- No debit card ( who cares it’s a saving)
- The online app is terrible
- Closing the account $25 dollar fee, balance letter 20 and special statement request 6

Customer Service: 888.662.4722
1. Requirements
Standard US citizen or social security and so on.
2. Customer service is it 24/7
2.5 How many atm and branches do you guys have
200 branches and less than 500 atms
2.6 how is the online banking experience with the app
Not so good
3. What are these, like atm, maintenance, transfer fees, wire fees and card replacement fees
Direct savings no fees, but the checking yes and other savings yes also. You can waive by having a ton of money or setting up direct deposit.
4. Checkings Account: any interest
Not offered
5. Savings: 2.30% any limit
No limits, you’ll get it even on a million
9. Shared Accounts/joint account
Yes, but have to set it up while signing up or they won't be able to do it.
11. Cash deposit
Yes, at the braches
12. Zelles, cash app venmo.
13. ATMs: any reimbursement
Nope, unless you have 70k, you want to keep in the account.
14. Limits: withdrawing money
No limits just your standard no more than 6 withdraws per month for savings.
15. Credit check hard or soft:
Soft check.
17. Can you connect it with your bank
Yes, to send money to your savings.


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TommyBryson : What do you guys think about the HSBC Savings Account? I think it's pretty cool, it's just everything else it lacks; which is disappointing.
Motto : Hey Tommy, I was wondering whether a foreigner with a LLC company can open HSBC direct to accept payments? More like a business account. Can this account use for Stripe and PP as payment gateway?
Share Lynn S. : That rate didn't last too long and yes you are not told they take taxes out. Long hold times too. And the money needs to stay in your account I believe for 180 days.
Mateo Lamuño : Why would the bank being international be a deal breaker? They're one of the top banks in the UK, Australia, and expanding rapidly in Asia and the middle East. They offer transfers between HSBC accounts in any currency. If you move between countries where they have a presence I think they are a very solid option.
Airport Documentaries : I only opened a HSBC account because I wanted the lion on my card
IMPORTANT INFORMATION : I found an online classic car that I was intreseted in. I made contact via email to the seller. He advised me he was on an oil rig in the gulf, but I could buy this car through ABL Shipping Limited. It seemed the car was being stored in Washington State, and all I had to do is send funds to them. $12,000. The car is way under market was the first red flag. There is no phone number ascoiated with the shipping company. They ask me to put the funds in their bank which was in the UK , HSBC which does not sound right. I asked to see the VIN # of the vehicle, and they stated, it was illegal to do so. I searched there address in WA on google and I find no building. I found a company with a an address close to there and saw a phone number on a building, called them and was told I wasn't the first calling trying to find ABL Shipping. I was told they did not exisit. Whoever this is is trying to bilk people out of their money. I should have known because this 1964 Chevy Impala was way under market value. When saw I had to put money into a UK bank account. I was suspicious. I emailed them as that is the only way you can get a hold of them no phone number. I asked for the VIN # on this vehicle. They said it was illegal for them to give me the VIN. (BS). I told them I was out, and they did not get my money. I also turned them into the BBB. Becareful of these scams
Melany Belot : Do you have a video on your thoughts of best savings accounts?
RoaminRoninX : HSBC is trash . Like super duper trash . Like painfully trash . If you like pain , open an account .
Evelyn Stone : Great video - thanks for asking all of these questions!
Pilar Allen : Sis lost me at Government lmao

HSBC HIGH YIELD SAVINGS ACCOUNT | Why Banking with HSBC Is Like Dating A Divorcee | High Yield APY

Here are my five reasons why banking with HSBC is like dating a middle age. Divorcee. Okay. So reason number one, they are very outdated. Anyone that has ever been to the H SPC website, I really don't know the last time they actually had a designer look at this website because it is confusing to navigate this and it really looks like it was made in 2000 reason number two, they have lots of baggage. So I'm not really sure what happened in the past, but so when I was trying to transfer funds with HSBC and Thai high yield savings account, I realized that there was a lot of high security. I mean there's even clauses in here that talk about money laundering and international transfers. So I'm not really sure what happened with them in the past, but it looks like they have a lot of trauma.

Reason number three, they're very secure. So when I opened up an account with HSBC, the process took more than two days. Not only that, there was a really long application process that looked into things like where you've lived in the United States for the last two years. They even deposit two test trial deposits into your other account to verify, and on top of that they require that you download a tool security on your mobile phone to verify that it is you. Reason number four they have the most consistent APY rate that has been going on throughout this entire pandemic. So compared to other banks like Marcus by Goldman Sachs, HSBC has remained their APY pretty high. I would say last month it was at 1.7 and I think right now it's at 1.6% so if you're looking to put your money into a high yield savings account to grow it, then I would probably stick with HSBC.

Reason number five they're basically your sugar daddy with an AP Y of 1.6% if you move a huge chunk of your emergency fund over here, you're basically just going to be collecting that dough for the next few weeks. So in my opinion, even though banking with HSBC is like dating an aged old divorce, say there are a lot of benefits that come from dating or banking with HSBC. So I highly recommend you use HSBC if you're looking to save your money in a good place. That's all I have for you guys. Definitely give this video a like and a thumbs up if you like this type of content and go ahead and hit subscribe and the bell because in my next video I'm going to share with you my experience banking with bank of America when it comes to a small business checking account. I'll see you guys in the next video. Good bye my coins!

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Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk : What do you think my coins? Do we think HSBC is like dating a divorcee? Also what's up with that PR they had in 2012...sketchy or not so big of a deal?
Jordan Cazz : HSBC is to busy cooking their books to update their site ... lol ‍ . HSBC was up to allot of shady shenanigans.
Bailey Wattron : It's August 2020 and HSBC's Savings Account APY has not stopped dropping. It's already down to 0.50%. They're bait and switching pieces of shit.
cisko213 : Laundering for drug cartel
AlohaREI - Remote Landlord In Hawaii : Hah, that was the best
choice tv 7 : Beautifull video ❤
Mateo Lamuño : I closed all my Citibank accounts and opened an HSBC Advance checking and the HSBC Direct savings with the 1.7% APY (Now 1.01%...). Definitely like dating a divorcee but if you only need a place to store your money and pay your credit cards and rent once a month, they get it done with free checks and free ATMs and their debit card looks hot.
Leyley Schott : Oh wow, you know why Im here. but wow I'm so glad because I have been thinking a lot about how can I find a high yield to my savings account and you just made that process easier. I will have to learn/read more about them and consider. Thanks!
Ben Sedberry : As a middle aged man that is divorced...I approve of this message.
MZJOOLZ : i’m loving this analogy!!! lots of trauma, but they’re hella secure. yessss

(Review) HSBC Direct Savings Account - Best Features

Do you want 2.05% on you savings? Then take a look at High Yield Savings Account from HSBC. Online only HSBC Direct Savings account has competitive APY and a lot of other nice features.

HSBC Bank has over 200 branches in the US, but none of them available to customers of HSBC Direct Savings account.

The high yield savings account can be opened online using HSBC web-site. It is a very simple process.

This HSBC direct savings account has Mobile App with Mobile Check Deposit. Be aware of
the limit on mobile deposits. It is $3000 per day and $5000 per month.

The online savings account cannot be funded using Debit Card through ATM.

The savings account can be funded with new money. So if you have another savings or checking account at HSBC - you cannot transfer them.

As I understand, the idea of HSBC direct savings is to encourage customers to move money from savings accounts at Bank Of America or Chase.

I hope you enjoyed my review of High Yield Savings Account at HSBC Bank.
The Dividend Project : Nice job Slava. HSBC has always been one of the high yielders for savings accounts.
Camelia Balan : No more fake, take your contry back...
Frederick Parker : So can I transfer money from a checking acct or it has to be from another savings acct?
OC Guy : HSBC needs to expand in the USA need more branches
Sean Taylor : how do you actually set up a savings account
SunsyloFitness : Are you an accounting
Eann : I’ve thought about using them before but I’m taking a break from opening new bank accounts for a while so my Chex Systems score doesn’t go too bad
finny Jenny : Hi I am new subscribe very interesting video thank you for share
Daughter&Mom pl : 311 subscription and like done . Pls back☺☺
Disney Vacation Family : I have never banked with HSBC... interesting information though... thanks


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