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Leonardo DiCaprio's The Wolf Of Wall Street Watch & Film Review - Tag Heuer 1000 Vintage 984.013

When I first started my youtube channel I did a several movies reviews as well talking about watches. Recently I have been looking at, buying and reviewing a lot more watches and in particular a few that featured in Movies. This relationship between horology and cinema has always interested me and today is another prime example of an excellent bit of "watch casting". Martin Scorsese's lastest movie follows the rise and fall of a character (portrayed by DiCaprio) that this Tag Heuer 1000 in gold tone encapsulates perfectly. So when I saw one going second hand and needing to be restored to is former wall street greed is good condition, I just had to get it in for review!

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Diego cervantes : I base my collection in movies and series, have couple of don drapers, some 007 watches and I just got this and i think with all its cons and everything, Its probably my most fun watch! I really am enjoyong this one, take care watch fam!
Phil C : I have 980.013L SS / Blk dial /HEUER only branding, great size ,wears larger due to case thickness , removed orig Heuer bracelet, wear with diff straps, Natos , rubber dives, tropics, etc very versatile . 6 1/2 inch wrist , 5' 8', scales well proportionate to physical stature.If you are a very big person maybe opt for HEUER 1000 42mm case, abt 30% more(avg 1200 USD ) but will look much better on your wrist . or perhaps cheaper !st gen. TAG 2000 at 40mm ( Avg. 500 USD ) with blk/wht TAG/Heuer logo , but mind you early 2000 series are very flat / thin case models, use a thick nylon or lea. Nato to beef it up a bit.
Gunnar Mustavaara : Did you know that the case is made by Squale?
Marco Traggia : where can i buy the same bracelet?
Yaniv Yaniv : TGV I've been watching you for years. I almost never comment because I believe opinions are just that. However I had to comment here, the intro to this was way too long.30% of the video was in the setup. Well that's it, otherwise, marvelous job.
Lucas Florenzano : bro WHERE did you bought it? I'm just searching for this watch with box and papers but it's impossible to find
Afik Yael : Hey TGV, where did you buy the aftermarket bracelet?
Robert : Where did you found the replacement Bracelet?
Alessandro Azzali : I’m interested on buy it
Phil C : Gold plated watches were readily accepted and considered to be quite fashionable in 1980s by the upper and the middle class alike. However TAG Heuer did not really take off until the late 80s, heuer was relatively unknown except in certain motorsport and diving circles, they were best known for their stopwatches in fact.------>>>>>>>> Great looking GP 1000 series , the smaller one as shown in the video 980.013 was sold along side the JUMBO 42mm 1000s , both of which were orig heuer designs based on the rolex submariner , poormans sub so to speak, the smaller was designed as bussiness watch that would fit well under a dress cuff or with a suit, the 35 or 36mm diameter was abt. standard for dress watches of the day.Anyways thats all I got, my 2 cents, all in .

Tag heuer 1000 Quartz

Ref.: 980.013N
John : You selling?
Phil C : Great cond, hold on to it if possible values are rising steadily, and mainstream watches are getting smaller again, thank goodness , wears same as 2000 series 40mm later version, bezels same size, under case larger (flares) thats where they get the additional 4mm. Also early 2000 ser. very thin case , wears same or smaller , have both so I compared. 1000s have a more TOOL WATCH functional aesthetic about them, all business look. Thanks again and enjoy your watch.
Phil C : Good vid. very informative , thank you Sir
Phil C : i have the earlier HEUER 980.013L, prefer it over the TAG model, Red/Grn TH logo tends to stand out a bit too much and is much larger, Heuer is more orig. 1000 series was part of the Heuer Line and later produced as TAG post merger , as was the orig Heuer 2000 series which is super rare , same with the Super Prof. Diver (automatic movt ) also super rare, 3000 series was a Heuer line too, not so rare at least in two-tone, however all SS HEUER branded 3000s are difficult to find. Well happy hunting gentleman.
luisgrod0 : The perfect classic.
Gustavo Maciel : I was gonna get rid of my 38mm Seiko SNK809, but it grew on me and it's now a 42mm
Gustavo Maciel : Tag heuheuher

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*클래씨 인스타그램: https://www.instagram.com/classsytv
*클래씨 정기 업로드: 일요일 저녁 9시(추가 업로드: 랜덤)
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김도현 : 까레라가 언제봐도 이쁜거같아요
이동주 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋ이거사느니 오메가 튜더를 가겠다. 리미티드고 나발이고, 200더하면 롤렉스도 가것네
James Lee : 요 영상보고 오늘 현백천호점가서 까레라 구매했습니다~~나중에 시계 와인더 관련해서 추천이나 영상하나 제작해주실수 있나요?? 와인더 정보나 상품추천 같은거 찍어주심 큰도움 될거 같슴다!
강감찬 : 진짜 돈 많은 사람은 태그호이어 800만원대를 살수있는 사람임....롤렉스 천만원짜리는 대부분의 사람이 살수있음
달라4 : 솔직히 모나코 하나는 사고 싶음
나만고양이없어 : 솔직히 태그는 모나코 아니면 살 이유가 없는듯... 하지만 모나코도 대안이 많죠..
문정우 : 볼 때마다 하트시그널2 김재호? 그 분 닮았어.
Djeif Xksjf : 태그는 버리셔여




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